It’s fitting that my first post should act as an introduction.

I am the frugal fashionista. Sometimes, I’m the queen of hand-me-downs. I can make almost anything work. The name originated as a joke. All great jokes are rooted in some degree of reality.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. After completely revamping my diet, I lost 25 pounds in 6 months and dropped 4 pants sizes. Unfortunately, my finances didn’t improve as quickly as my health did.

I refused to buy a new wardrobe until my weight balanced out. I hit the thrift store circuit long before Macklemore’s anthem about thrift shopping gained popularity. I’m a trendsetter that way. I rocked the pixie long before Anne Hathaway revealed her chopped locks at the Oscars in early 2013.

But I digress.

Family, friends, colleagues, clients, and random strangers would comment on my style. Some asked me to take them shopping. If this fashion blogging thing doesn’t pan out, I can always advertise my services as a personal shopper on Craigslist.

Once my weight stabilized, I couldn’t bring myself to pay retail prices. Ever seen the show Extreme Couponing? I’m the fashion version of that show. My first retail shopping excursion yielded $540 worth of clothing for $208 (complete with free shipping).

Frugal fashion is a game. It’s a game I always intend to win. I plan to share the rules of that game with you. The words “I can never find anything at a thrift store” will vanish from your lexicon.

This blog is for the single mother with a limited budget, starving artists, budding underemployed professionals, indebted college students, and anyone else trying to stretch a dollar. I will teach you how to find your style and put outfits together. I will review the latest trends and make suggestions. Most importantly, I will teach you how to look and feel great.

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