FFM Silouhette

Before I can educate the public about the wonders of frugal fashion, I should explain the difference between frugal and cheap.

These terms are not interchangeable. Cheap can refer to the price of an item. It can also refer to the poor quality of an items.

On the other hand, frugality is a lifestyle of wise spending habits. Sometimes, spending the least amount of money is not necessarily frugal.  Purchasing the same item repeatedly can cost you over time.

The frugal fashionista makes wise clothing and beauty purchases based on utility, quality, and return on investment. Buying a pair of discount shoes is pricey compared to a life of back and feet problems. One high-quality investment piece is equal to three low-quality purchases.

I know. It’s easier said than done. Aunt Frida’s wedding is tomorrow, and you need a ceremony-appropriate dress now. You only have a couple of dollars to spare. Well, you’re in luck.

Research is your best friend. I do a lot of the research for you by posting useful tips, how-to walk-throughs, product reviews, and trend watching.

Fashion is fun. You can have a full wallet and a full closet. The two are not mutually exclusive, but only if you choose frugal over cheap.