PMS2Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has a YouTube tutorial for curing what she calls PMS face. It inspired me to create a response called PMS dress. Let’s face it. We don’t feel very attractive or comfortable around that time of the month. We can’t go to work in pajamas, although that would be awesome. Here are a few tips to boost the attractiveness factor without sacrificing comfort based on specific symptoms.

Bloating/Cramping/Water Retention/Breast Swelling and Tenderness

Nothing says sexy like carrying a couple of pounds of excess water weight. The last thing we want to tolerate is tight-fitting clothing. It’s common for clothes to fit a little snug for a few days each month.

For these maladies, stick to a shift or kimono dress. These dresses are loose fitting and yet very fashionable. Find a really fun pattern or color. You can pair the dress with wedges or flats if your ankles tend to swell. The loose fabric allows for changes in weight and camouflages any swelling.

If dresses aren’t your thing, opt for a pair of stretchy fabric pants with a peplum top. The A-line cut of the top also camouflages the excess swelling. Wide-leg pants in a cotton material is also a possibility.

Loose-fitting tops, like kimono or square-cut tops, are a nice option if breast swelling or tenderness is an issue. Flutter and structured sleeves help to deemphasize the bust area.

Hot Flashes

If hot flashes cause you to fan yourself in your office, consider breathable fabrics. Sheer and faux silk fabrics allow cold air to pass through them and keeps you cooler.

I love a jersey cotton dress. It’s like wearing pajamas to the office. If you suffer hot flashes and abdominal swelling, look for jersey cotton dresses with an A-line cut. Some dresses tend to hug the body, so beware of form-fitting cuts.

The trick is to find fabrics that won’t stain from sweat if you perspire more during your cycle. Breathable fabrics can curb some of the perspiration.


Comfort is key when everything you wear adds to your irritability. Opt for cheerful patterns and colors in comfortable but somewhat structured pieces. Wrap dresses are a nice alternative to standard office fare. You can readjust the tightness or looseness of the dress throughout the day.