I’m excited to announce the newest additions to my frugal fashion empire (if a blog and a couple of social media accounts constitute an empire).

Starting Monday, June 8, I will launch my YouTube channel with a series of videos called My Fashion Starter Kit. I will upload one new video per day for the first seven days.

Many of these videos expound on my previous blog content. But don’t worry. I will upload plenty of new content in the months to come. Don’t forget to subscribe to avoid missing out.

I also have an Instagram account (the_frugal_fashionista). I know. Welcome to 2015! I’m such the innovator.

Good news always comes in threes, or so they say. This website will receive a makeover in the near future to look more fashion forward.

I’m excited for this new venture. Thank you to everyone who regularly reads and subscribes to my blog.

For your viewing enjoyment in the meantime, here is the link to my channel promo: http://youtu.be/S-tYtjwbhKM

Happy shopping!