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audreyI love a good makeover. My home office space desperately needed one. I started a YouTube channel last June. The lighting in our house is abysmal, which I noticed while watching my videos after uploading. Nothing like a backdrop of browns with warm yellow lighting.

Several weeks ago, the hubby decided to pursue a side career in voiceovers. He dismantled the office closet and renovated it into a nice voice studio. The new addition allowed me to have the space necessary to convert one side of the office into a video and photography space for my hobby (my fashion empire is becoming a second a job).

The office was pink. Not just any color pink. It was a flat, dingy pink. The yellow lighting cast a yellowish, pink glow over everything. There is only one window, which belongs to the cat.

before and after

I converted my space for under $150. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Mandatory lighting kit (Amazon): $49.50
  • 5-foot tripod (Amazon): $24
  • Runner (Walmart): $15
  • Wall decal (Amazon): $4
  • Surge protector (Walmart): $10
  • Really bright white light bulbs (Walmart): $11
  • 1/2 gallons of paint (Glidden’s Soft Mint Green — Walmart): $30
  • Audrey canvas wall art: gift from Mom
  • Candle holders and sugar-cookie-scented candles (Dollar Tree): $3

Everything else is mine. The rest of the room needs paint, as does the window frame and trim. The furniture is quite hodge podge. It’s the first in a long line of renovation projects for the house.

office 2

I think it looks quite chic. It’s a definite improvement. I can start filming videos on a regular basis like I originally planned.

office 1I plan to add a black and white dress form in the empty space as well as a clothes rack to hang outfits for easy accessibility during filming.

I had planned to buy the rack today but was distracted by the rug. Maybe next month.

office 3If you’d like to see more pictures and video of my space, follow me on Instagram (the_frugal_fashionista). For my YouTube channel, follow this link.