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want product I love subscription boxes. If I’m honest, I love the idea behind subscription boxes. Not all subscription services are equal. I’ve lost count of number of services I’ve had over the years. So far, only one has stood the test of time.

Earlier this month, I subscribed to Wantable. Wantable is a monthly service that offers makeup, lingerie, accessories, fitness, and style boxes. I chose the accessories box.

Like most fashion and beauty subscription box services, there is a preference quiz. I’m not particularly fond of style quizzes. Perhaps my tendency to fluctuate from bohemian to trendsetter to avant garde and everything in-between throws off the delicate algorithms. Most “stylists” are nothing more than a computer database selecting the most plausible options from a pool of answers. I’d like to think I’m a unique snowflake and all that, and these quizzes do nothing to shatter my self-perception in the least. Needless to say, I was leery of Wantable’s style quiz.

The questions focused on jewelry and other accessory options (gold/silver, long/short, everyday/statement, etc.). You have three options: love (expressed with a heart), like (the universal thumbs-up sign), or dislike (an X).

I chose short necklaces, small adjustable rings, everyday and statement pieces, stud and drop earrings, silver and gold (leaning more towards silver), rock glam and boho (I can’t remember the other options, but they didn’t jive with my aesthetic), and scarves. Nix the watches and sunglasses, please. I wish there was a hat option, but hats are difficult to ship, I’m sure.

want box

My subscription started on the 1st. The initial charge is $40. The monthly charge is $36/month thereafter. The order shipped on the 3rd. I received it on the 7th. I even received a receipt confirmation, which is a nice service.

The packaging is lovely:

want set 2want setSo far, so good. The style quiz nailed my jewelry preferences. The necklace is perfect for a small neck. It hits precisely where I want it. Most 12-inch necklaces are too long for me.

It’s a lovely solitary rhinestone. I almost bought a silver pair of drop earrings that would match exactly. Drat!

want necklaceI was dying for a pair of studs. Geometric-shaped studs are on trend this season. I desperately tried to shoot a decent picture. The earrings are triangle with rhinestones on both sides. This is the most-detailed shot I could muster (because you really wanted a picture of my ear and pores):

want earringThe bracelet is a wire-wrapped. It actually fits my wrist. It’s simple but nice.

want bracelet

I’m extremely pleased with the jewelry. There’s numerous questions about the types, styles, and sizes of jewelry. The scarf question — do you want one or not.

The scarf is not my aesthetic. It’s not ugly. It’s just not me. It’s a flannel infinity scarf. I must say it’s very warm. If I lived in New York or New England, I would be thrilled. I’m sure I’ll dig it out of the closet during our lone below 50 day.

want scarfAgain, it’s not ugly. It’s very basic. I wrapped the scarf twice, barely. I’m not sure how it would work for a person with an average-sized neck.

Overall, I really like my Wantable spoils. I have a three-month rule. I receive at least three boxes before making a long-term decision. So far, Wantable is a keeper. I’ll probably even keep the scarf.