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Shopping Bags Show Retail Store and Buying

It’s tough to shop for a fashionista. My husband says so. We decided to conduct a holiday gift-giving experiment this year. We’re loading up each other’s stockings. I thought he had it easy. There’s tons of small items women love. The hubby would disagree. He says it difficult to shop for me.

Is it the right size or color? Will it break me out in hives? Do I really need more nail polish (the answer is always yes)?

It seems to be a running theme in my relationships. People are anxious about giving me gifts. In all honesty, I’m a good gift receiver. I’m grateful for every gift I receive. I can make almost anything work with my wardrobe even if it doesn’t fit with my personal style aesthetic. I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I wear the gift the gave me.

It will end up on Instagram for sure.

I have no idea what the hubby is giving me this year. He did give me a sneak peak:

Polar bears are the new black.

Polar bears are the new black.

So, I am helping out all of the anxious friends, family, partners, spouses, and secret Santas out there by recommending gifts from all price points that are easy to acquire this late in the season. If you know your loved one’s sizes from memory, you may not need advice. But just shy of stalking their closet and beauty drawer, you may need a few pointers.

These options work for men and women:

1) Non-sized accessories

Scarves, boot socks, and head wraps are all good gift-giving options. If you’re concerned with color, choose a solid neutral. Prints can be very subjective. If you know the person’s favorite color or notice that they wear a certain color regularly, stick with that color palette. These items range from cheap to designer. Extra points for handmade items that benefit a cause. You can find these accessories at any large retailer, small local boutique, or online store.

I know what some of you are thinking. “Gee, really? Boot socks?” Yes, boot socks. This isn’t like the time Grandma gave you that package of white Fruit of the Looms. I would kill for several pairs of boot socks.

Notice that I don’t recommend jewelry. Some jewelry, like brooches and earrings, are not sized. Jewelry is subject to personal taste. Unless you know the person very well, I would steer clear from jewelry.

2) Non-wearable accessories

I argue that bags are not part of the outfit. You wear makeup. You wear jewelry. You carry a bag. Some fashion experts — okay, most– would disagree. If you don’t know the difference between a messenger or a clutch and don’t feel comfortable gifting a purse, buy items to go into the purse.

One of my favorite gifts is a lipstick case my nephew gave me years ago. Makeup bags are another good suggestion. Wallets, business card holders, and sunglasses cases are also good options. Not only do they serve a purpose, but it’s easy to find fun and chic designs.

3) Gift subscriptions

If you follow my blog or any of my social media pages, you are well aware of my subscription box addiction. This website lays out all of the information and reviews on the myriad of subscription services. Most services have a three-, six-, or 12-month prepay option. Once the cycle is done, the receiver has the option — but not the obligation– to continue the service. Subscription services vary in price points, but most are stay in $10-40 range. Prepayment reduces the monthly price.

We fashionistas love gift fashion mag subscriptions as well. Visit the magazine’s website or Amazon for gifting options.

4) Free Services

Treat your loved one to a free spa service. Most salons and spas offer gift cards or certificates for manicures, facials, pedicures, haircuts, and massages. Many offer reduced-priced packages.

5) Gift Cards

I don’t understand why some people are resistant to gift cards. My parents opposed giving gift cards. Mom said it eliminated the personal touch a gift provides.

I disagree. There is nothing like receiving a gift card to my favorite store. It’s free clothing. If you don’t know their favorite store, stick with a Visa gift card. It’s a free shopping spree. As long as there is thought involved in the gift buying and giving process, there’s a personal touch. You thought enough of me to give me something you knew I would like and use.


I hope my suggestions were helpful and painless. Have a wonderful (stress-free) holiday season. Happy shopping!