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What do you call a fashion blogger who doesn’t buy clothes?

There’s no punchline. I’m genuinely curious. I plan to ponder this question for the next three months.

Summer is a particularly difficult time for us financially. Although I teach over the summer, my course load is less; therefore my income is less.

Don’t worry. We won’t starve. I will have to cut back a bit.

The idea of fasting from purchasing products that are not a necessity is a spiritual pursuit for some. The word fasting connotes a spiritual quest or the denial of something in exchange for a new understanding. I’m not pursuing a fast in this sense.

When I started my blog two years ago, I was in the middle of a wardrobe purge after losing a substantial amount of weight. Clothes were a necessity.

I didn’t realize at the time that blogging (and Instagramming) require quite a bit of clothing and accessories. To my credit, I do wear my clothes more than once, even multiple times, in photos. My philosophy is simple. A true fashionista can work with almost anything. The white tee in my closet can accompany several outfits. The idea is to stretch your budget and your closet. The absence of new purchases won’t hurt me in the least.

On the other hand, I’m a bit of an artist. There’s always that one item I need to complete the outfit lurking in my mind. This is where I find myself in trouble.

So, fast I must.

Before I list the perimeters of this newfound wisdom, here’s a picture of my last purchase for a while.

001Of course I can’t forget the hat my hubby talked me into last night.

Red Hat

How can one resist a $5 hat, especially when it fits my very small –childlike–head?

I also walked away with a nude half slip. You won’t believe how hard it is to find a half slip, much less a nude one. Do people not wear slips anymore (under clothing at least)?

The slip is a necessity, technically. An apparel company sent me freebies for a video, and one of those samples is a tad sheer. I chalk it up as a business expense.

How this works

I cannot buy anything beauty or fashion related. It’s that simple. Truth be known, I have enough lip products to last me for ten years. I really don’t need another one.

There are a few exceptions:

  • I can accept freebies. People occasionally give me hand-me-downs. I also receive free samples from companies in exchange for a review or promotion. Free costs me nothing.
  • I will continue to order my subscription boxes, although I may skip June (it’s a dark, lean month). Most services offer a skip option. I can skip a month without penalties or charges. I’m more prone to subscribe to a service if there is a skip safety net.
  • I spend money on hygiene products that are necessary like shampoo and deodorant. I bought a few products this month to make up for the loss in income for next month. I have a new mascara in the package ready to go (you can’t expect people to use mascara for six months, I mean, instant eye infection). The only possible exception is foundation. I have plenty for now. Even on “no-makeup days,” I wear foundation. Every acne-prone person understands why. I fear running out of nail polish, but my birthday is coming up in July.
  • I can spend money of repurposing or repairing clothing as long as it falls within my budget. I have some summer clothing that needs a little love. I’m planning to stash a little cash here and there to save up to repair this beauty:

    A gifted Furla bag that needs a little love, i.e. sent to a leather shop.

    That’s my strategy. I don’t buy new products until October. I wear what I have. It can be done with a little ingenuity and creativity.

    Now I’m headed to my girl BreAnna’s site, Crafty Coin, to find out how to save on my food budget.