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There’s two things I love — boho and street style. I have an unhealthy obsession with both.

Imagine my surprise when Blue Plate Fashion contacted me to be a brand ambassador. Blue Plate is a boho apparel line based in New York. They send me samples; I wear the samples in my videos. Fair enough. I’m not going to turn down free clothes, especially of the boho variety.

I thought it would be a good idea to showcase boho street style — as if there is such a thing — and head back to downtown to pose with the ever-increasing street art. You may remember my last street style journey in downtown:


So, I received my package after selecting two styles. The third style they chose for me. I spent the day styling the outfits for my shoot.


No one tells you how much prep is involved in blogging and vlogging. You have to plan everything.

I spent Saturday checking my list, checking it twice, and rounding up all of the necessary items I needed to complete my ensembles.

Except my SD card. Yep, that would be important. I didn’t realize it until we were prepared to shoot. We had to locate an open business early on a Sunday morning when everybody else is closed. Fun times.

Here’s a few items I didn’t forget:


The hubby acted as my director and production assistant. The footage turned out great. Not bad for a novice. I think I’ll keep him.

IMG_6893The end result turned out rather nice, I think. Judge for yourself. You can see the complete lookbook (and the unveiling of the outfits) on my channel.

Until next time, happy shopping!