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IMG_3017Filming makeup tutorials is difficult. So. Many. Angles. Not to mention the camera blurs when the subject moves too quickly.

A few months ago, my friend Whitney asked if I would film a beauty tutorial once her salon finished their renovations. I enlisted Alexa Kiss‘ help with the makeup artistry.

Whitney and Alexa work at Salon West 54 Hundred. They won a Nappie award for best salon last year. Alexa was runner-up for best makeup artist. It’s a people’s choice award hosted by one of local publications.

IMG_3009IMG_3004IMG_2999IMG_2998Alexa works frequently for fashion shows and events. I wish I had more pictures of her, but I failed. I know. I had one job.

They recently added a style bar.


IMG_2985This is an Aveda salon, so we used Aveda products. I always wanted to try their makeup line. I use several of their hair products. Aveda is vegetarian and vegan and cruelty free. The products I used were gluten and wheat free. I know this, because I didn’t have an allergic reaction.

I personally vet these products just for you.

After assembling my outfit and camera for the shoot, I headed to the salon armed with a picture of Cara Delevigne.

Cara Makeup

This is the inspiration for the look.


A picture of my outfit. This is a fashion blog after all.

Alexa's brush kit. I want all of the brushes.

Alexa’s brush kit. I want all of the brushes.

Here’s a pic of the products we used for the tutorial:

IMG_2991Here’s a a few pics of the final look:

IMG_2988IMG_2983Here’s the complete tutorial and product list.

Happy shopping!

*This post is not sponsored. We just decided to have some fun.

**All pictures (c) 2016 Stanley and belong to Frugal Fashionista Mag.