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Hello, fellow fashionstas!

I’m going to New York. Actually, my photo is going to New York. I will be included on a billboard in Times Square.

Needless to say, I have nothing to wear.

This is where you come in.

I guess I should backtrack a bit. I mention billboard and Times Square, and you’re mind is reeling trying to guess the details.

I’m a Fashom star on the Fashom app. Fashom is an app that promotes self-expression by real people. It’s a community of fashionistas who believe in body positivity. You may have noticed the Fashom badge to the left of the post. That’s my username.

IMG_7366Fashom recently interviewed me for their blog (link below). Mitali and Raven, two of the ladies behind the app, gave me a styling challenge. They wanted me to style a piece of clothing three different ways to show it’s versatility.

Behold! The subject of the challenge.

Behold! The subject of the challenge.

Fashom is launching a campaign called #BetterAsIAm. It’s the theme of the billboard they’re posting in Times Square. They asked yours truly to participate.

That’s why I need your help. Follow me on Fashom and Instagram. Browse through the myriad of OOTD photos and let me know which photo I should submit for the billboard.

The photo must be a full-length shot and high resolution. If it looks like an iPhone pic, it probably is. Pass it on by.

Cast your vote by commenting below the post or on my respective social media.

As promised, here’s the interview and style challenge video.