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I hate buying razors. It’s a necessary evil. Women’s razors are so overpriced. The last razor I purchased clocked in at $23 for six cartridges. Why? I can’t recall the brand, but it’s the one with the ready-to-go shave gel built into the cartridge. It was great until the gel dissolved, which rendered the blade usage to nil. Cost per shave — $1.28.

Even worse, super razor only work for legs. I purchased a separate electric razor for underarms and a bikini trimmer — both battery powered. Hair removal should not cost this much. My husband pays way less for cartridges than I do.

Lady razors are a racket. Men’s razors are far superior.

I’m not sure who recommended the Dollar Shave Club, but she swore by it. “The best razors ever,” she exclaimed. Internet reviews echo her sentiment.

In my frustration, I decided to take the plunge.

Here’s how Dollar Shave Club works (this is the point at which I mention that this is not a sponsored post — this is a personal experiment I paid for with my own money):

  • Introductory offer: You pay $1 for one razor handle and four cartridges of choice plus free shipping and handling.
  • Choose 2 blade ($1/month plus $2 S&H), 4 blade ($6/month with free S&H), and 6 blade ($9/month and free S&H).
  • After you sign up, you can set the frequency of replacement cartridges to ship every month or every other month.
  • They offer shaving and hygiene products as add-ons.

Easy peasy. A few days later, this arrives:

img_5213img_5214I ordered the 6 blade. Even if I order replacements every month, I save $14 per month. I have to buy shave gel, but it’s still a savings.

I paid $7 for my initial order. The handles are metal with rubber grips unlike the plastic lady razors. These razors are not meant to be housed in the shower. They require a little care. For this reason, I purchased a second handle up front in case it needs replacing from rusting (or general nastiness). That said, I remove the razor from the shower after each use and wipe it off with a dry towel and set it out to air dry.


Sorry. There’s no way to make men’s razors look fashionable and artsy. I was hoping the lace would help.

I couldn’t use the shave butter. It has an allergen listed in the ingredients. I’m a little bummed about it. I gifted it to my husband. I had hoped he would do a test run before the time of this review, so I could share his thoughts. Alas, it was not to be.

I am a convert! This razor is amazing. I have yet to use the shave gel I bought. I lather up with body wash and then shave. I need a little moisturizer afterwards but no bumps or nicks.

Here’s the thing with lady razors based on my experience — I have to go over the same area multiple times for a smooth-ish shave. My hair is coarse and dark. Stubble shows easily. Plus, I have to shave everyday if I’m exposing my legs (you skip too; don’t judge).

Don’t get me started with knees and curved areas.

This razor eliminated all hair with one swipe. It glided smoothly over knees. No missed places. While this is a miracle in and of itself, I could easily expose my legs a second day with minimal stubble. This never happens.

Seriously, it’s the best razor ever. Cost per shave — 32 cents.

It’s a great value for the price point. Everything in their product line is reasonably priced, although I can’t attest to the quality. I recommend this razor for men and women.

The customer service is wonderful. The shipping and handling process is reasonably swift, especially considering I ordered it during the holidays when shipping times are horrendous.

I give this subscription service an A+.

Happy shopping!