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I’m a little late to the party. Better late than never, I suppose.

People ask me my opinion all the time about products. I do believe the most asked question is about Stitch Fix. The ads are plastered all over social media, including my own. I can understand the appeal for most people — pay a styling fee of $20, have a stylist choose clothes based on a highly specific quiz of sizes and preferences, mail it to you and pay for what you keep. The same styling fee is added as a discount to your order should you purchase any of the clothing.

Styling is an act of trust, which is why I never allow anyone to style me. I’ll end up in white jeans and a chevron top. It’s not my style. I was hesitant to even try Stitch Fix for that reason. My style has quirks. It’s not for everyone. In fact, no one dresses like me. I was pretty sure the options would be too basic for my taste.

SF: cardigan, shirt, jeans

Then Mary Beth offered her referral code to waive the styling fee. Since then, I have received three boxes (one every two months). This equals to 15 items sent. I kept eight pieces.

How It Works

First of all, Stitch Fix offers clothes and accessories for men, women, and children. The styling profile quiz is very elaborate. It asks sizes, styles, price points, etc. If you receive something you don’t like, you can state why you don’t like it. They charge your styling fee about 10 days before delivery. Once your order has arrived, you have three days to purchase or return for free. If you buy all five items, you receive 20% off you entire order.

Here’s my styling profile:

As you can see, It’s very elaborate.

Box 1: Distressed jeans, polka dot top, weird pattern top, purple blazer, and Kate Spade earrings

I returned box number one. I really liked the jeans, but they cost $79. I couldn’t afford it at the time. The tops were not my style. I love Kate Spade, but the studs were not my style. I liked the blazer, but it was way too heavy for the tortuous heat and lack of seasons here.

I made a recommendations and decided to give it another try.

By the way, everything I have ever received fit perfectly.

SF: Cardigan, top . I call this look rocker chic, like something a rockstar would wear to an interview.
Closeup of top

Box 2: A light gray blazer with floral interior, mustard tee with tucked hem detailing, navy v-neck flowy tunic, long boho gold necklace, and a pair of slacks that disappointed me so much that I can’t remember what they looked like. Pretty sure it was striped.

I kept three items: the mustard tee, the tunic, and the necklace. The blazer was too heavy, again. The slacks fit but didn’t fit me in a flattering way.

SF: Top and shoes. This look is Seaside, a dressier version of an beach outfit.
Closeup of these fabulous shoes
Closeup of hat and accessories

Box 3: cuffed jeans, navy peplum tank top, striped cardigan, polka dot tie-front shirt, and  a pair of TOMS canvas and cork heels

I kept everything. I don’t like peplum much at all. However, it was cheaper with the 20% discount to buy it all than to buy the other four pieces separately.

I told them this.

I should mention that you have the option of keeping your current stylist or request a new one. I requested a new one after the first box, but kept my second stylist. I feel like we understand each other.

SF: tunic, jeans, and necklace. This look is summer boho.
These jeans fit amazingly.
Closeup of the top and necklace

I decided to make peace with the peplum rather than gist it someone else. I compiled two different looks.

SF: peplum top. I call this one getting down to business.
Stand up angle
A modern take on the 90s

So here’s my take on Stitch Fix. I’m kinda starting to love it. I tried similar boxed services, which were terrible.

Most of what I’m receiving is basic. But it’s basics that can work with my existing closet. There’s a lot of navy too. I have no idea what’s up with that.

I live dangerously.

Cost-wise, it’s not the most cost-effective method of shopping. The TOMS shoes were $99. I chose to invest in the heels mainly for the durability of the shoe and it’s eco-friendly ethos. I don’t anything cost less than $30. I’m bothered with spending that much for polyester when I can buy knits for the same price.

On my way up

I like that I have quite a bit off control. I control how often I receive boxes. In fact, my birthday is coming up. I rescheduled my box accordingly. I also requested a pair of TOMS flats.

The best feature of the service is this little game you play that allows you to pick or dump certain styles. This helps the service to log your preferences for better optimal styling choices.

Showing off the hat and the black shadow

While the beginning was rough, I was able to give specific comments and request a new stylist. You may land the perfect box the first time. It may take tweaking.

Ultimately, I would recommend the service for people who hate to shop, need styling help, or like to receive packages.

If you want to try Stitch Fix, you can use my referral link for a free styling fee. (Note: I don’t receive compensation for this post. I have purchased everything out of my own pocket. The link will give me credit toward future purchases.

Happy shopping!!