Frugal Fashion Tips

closetMoney. There never seems to be enough. We can’t very well walk around naked, so we have to spend money on clothes.

I started Frugal Fashionista Mag as a cathartic outlet for my fashion musings. The idea caught on quickly.

I don’t believe in fast fashion for many reasons. The most obvious reason is cheaply-made clothing. I dare you to walk outside and start a bonfire with your paycheck. Or you can shop at one of those fast fashion establishment. Same thing.

Fast fashion also costs in cheap labor, sweat shops, and environmental waste.

We fiscally-responsible individuals want more bang for our buck. I save thousands of dollars a year on nice, well-made, brand-named clothing.

I’ve also learned a thing or two about style. This blog is for the college student, working single mom, recently-unemployed person, or anyone wanting to update their style within their budget.

Click on the Frugal Fashion Tips category link for frugal fashion advice.

Happy Shopping!

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